Kaspersky Standard Mobile 1 device 1 year download
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Kaspersky Standard Mobile 1 device 1 year download

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Kaspersky Standard - Mobile Edition - excellent protection that keeps pace with you. It protects you, your data and apps with antivirus and phishing protection, warns you about weak device settings and increases device speed with special tools. It also offers standard privacy features that protect your Android camera and microphone, warn you when your private data is shared online, and identify spy apps installed on your smartphone without your knowledge. The solution works on Android and iOS.

- Real-time antivirus* detects and blocks threats such as viruses, malware and adware.
- Phishing protection prevents scammers from luring you to websites aimed at stealing your data and banking information.
- Ransomware protection* prevents criminals from taking control of your mobile device and data and demanding money to release it.
- "Safe Browser" feature* protects against dangerous websites and downloads.
- Weak settings scan feature warns of weak device settings to prevent hacking attacks.

- App Cleanup feature* rids your mobile device of apps you rarely or never use, so your device runs faster and smoother.

- Data leak check feature notifies you when online accounts linked to your email address share personal information.
- Privacy feature organizes your privacy settings on social media and online services like Facebook and Google into a single, easy-to-use interface. This makes it easier to find, adjust, and reinforce the settings you want.
- Webcam and microphone protection feature* lets you decide which programs can access your Android webcam and microphone, and blocks all others.
- Stalkerware detection* warns you about apps installed on your device without your knowledge to spy on your activities and location.
- "Where's my device" feature* helps you easily track, lock and wipe your device if it ever goes missing.