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Cryptonow Gift Cards
Buy and securely use cryptocurrencies

What are Cryptonow vouchers?
Cryptonow vouchers are prepaid balances, with which you can exchange the voucher balance on the Cryptonow website at the current Cryptonow reference rate in cryptocurrencies. Our vouchers are available in denominations ranging from 50 CHF to 500 CHF.

How do you get your gift card?
You get your gift card immediately after purchase in your Offerz account, 24/7.

How can you give a Cryptonow Gift Card?
It's easy: Choose the variable gift card, enter the desired amount, and click "Gift." Then, you can customize the gift card to your preferences by adding your own photo or video and a personal greeting. Send the gift card directly via email or SMS to the person or share the gift link with them.

What can you use the Cryptonow Gift Card for?
The credit of Cryptonow vouchers can be exchanged for the corresponding cryptocurrency on the Cryptonow website. Additionally, each digital Cryptonow Gift Card includes a blockchain eWallet to which the cryptocurrency is transferred immediately after the exchange – simple, secure, and fast. The Cryptonow app also allows you to keep an eye on your crypto balance at any time and sell it with a few clicks.

Security tips:
Never give your gift card or the private key of your eWallet to third parties to make a payment. It could be fraud! If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. You'll find our contact details on