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Buy PlayStation Vouchers on offerz.ch

Do you want to buy digital PlayStation vouchers? With us you get your code directly after the purchase clearly displayed in an account. With one click - if you are logged into the PlayStation Store on your device - you can redeem it directly.

What are PlayStation vouchers?
PlayStation vouchers are prepaid credits, with which you can buy all games & additional content in the Swiss PlayStation Store. The vouchers you get in the values CHF 10, 30, 50 and 100 as well as PlayStation Plus for one, three and 12 months to play online with others.

How is the voucher delivered?
We are completely digital & no plastic, paper, etc. You will receive your voucher 24/7 directly after purchase in your Offerz account.

How can I give away a PlayStation gift voucher?
Just click "Give a Gift" on the product page with the amount you want. By the way, you can choose the amount (e.g. 2 x CHF 10). You can now design your voucher according to your wishes with your own photo or video and a greeting message. Send the voucher directly through us via email or SMS to the person or share the gift link with her.

What can I use PlayStation vouchers for?
PlayStation vouchers or the credit you can use in the Swiss PlayStation Store as a payment method. With it you can pre-order new games like FIFA 22, buy current top sellers like Ratchet & Clank or in-game items like the popular FIFA Points from 100 to 12,000 points.

What are the PlayStation Plus vouchers for?
You need PlayStation Plus to play online with others on your PS4 or PS5. You also get a monthly gift of 2 games (PS4), which you can play as long as you are a member. On the PS5 you benefit from the PS Plus Collection which allows you to play 20 PS4 blockbusters on the PS5. Many other benefits are waiting for you as well!

Do you have any further questions? We are happy to help you! e.g. via WhatsApp (see below).