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Lidl eGiftcard CHF 50

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It’s fun to give! Giving money is a thing of the past – with the digital Lidl gift card, you give freshness, quality and joy. Whether you’re giving it to relatives, friends or employees – it’s suitable for every occasion!

A digital gift card from Lidl lets you pay at any Lidl store in Switzerland.

Load your Lidl gift card with any amount between 20 and 500 Swiss francs, or directly choose a fixed amount yourself.

Whenever you use it at a cash register, you can either print out the PDF or scan the barcode directly from the mobile screen.

Product information
Amount CHF 50.-
Store Redemption Yes
More Informations
Validty 5 Years
The following options for paying with a digital gift card are available at any Lidl store in Switzerland.

Present the printed PDF when you pay for the cashier to scan the barcode, or do it yourself at a scanner. The barcode can be captured by any handheld scanner at a self-checkout cash register.

Open the PDF on your cellphone and scan it either at an attended cash register or with a handheld scanner at a self-checkout one. You can also log into an Offerz customer account, open the Lidl gift card in the voucher wallet and press “Scan”. The barcode can be scanned at an attended cash register or with a handheld scanner at a self-checkout one.

The card balance expires five (5) years after activation. No exchanges permitted of either the total amount or remaining balance on the card for cash or merchandise vouchers. The card will not be replaced if it is lost or stolen. No interest is paid on a credit balance.

The general terms and conditions apply to use of gift cards.