e-surprise Gourmet voucher brunch & breakfast CHF 50
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e-surprise Gourmet voucher brunch and breakfast CHF 50

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For brunch lovers and breakfast fans.

It's brunch o' clock! Whether it's a panoramic Sunday brunch in the mountains, a sumptuous breakfast at a local haunt or a lavish brunch on a boat trip, our e-surprise gourmet voucher Brunch & Breakfast guarantees a delicious start to the day.

Our gourmet brunch & breakfast voucher is a real e-surprise bestseller, where everyone, from early risers to late risers, gets their money's worth. The gift recipients are free to choose from the wide variety brunch and breakfast offers of our participating restaurants and hotels from all over Switzerland.

The voucher is valid for two years from the date of issue and can be redeemed directly with the provider.Partial redemption is possible, the voucher balance can be checked here.

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Product information
Amount CHF 50.-

User instructions:

  • Voucher valid for two years
  • Convenient redemption directly with the provider
  • All redemption points: https://e-surprise.ch/redeem/romantic
  • Large selection throughout Switzerland
  • Partial redemption possible

The detailed terms and conditions for the e-surprise vouchers can be found here: