Data eSIM - 10 GB - 30 Days - Europe
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Data eSIM - 10 GB - 30 Days - Europe

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5G is only supported on 5G capable devices. For iOS devices, it is necessary to have the latest iOS version to access 5G.

FR: Orange (5G), SFR (5G), Bouygues (LTE). ES: Vodafone (LTE), Orange (5G), MasMovil (LTE), Movistar (LTE). IT: Vodafone (LTE), TIM (5G), Wind Tre (LTE). TR: Vodafone (LTE), AVEA (LTE). GB: EE (5G), Hutchison 3G (LTE), Vodafone (LTE). DE: Vodafone (LTE), O2 (LTE). GR: Vodafone (LTE), Wind Hellas (5G). AL: (LTE), Vodafone (LTE). AD: Mobiland (LTE). AT: A1 (5G), Hutchison (LTE). BE: Base (LTE), Mobistar (LTE), Proximus (5G). BG: A1 (5G), Globul (LTE), Vivacom (5G). CH: Salt Mobile (Orange) (5G). CY: Epic (5G). CZ: Vodafone (LTE), O2 (LTE). DK: Telenor (LTE), Telia Mobile (5G), TDK-Mobil (5G), Hi3G (LTE). EE: Telia (5G), Tele2 (LTE). FI: DNA (LTE), Sonera (LTE). GI: Gibtel (3G). HR: TELEMACH (TM HR) (5G), A1 (5G). HU: Telenor (LTE), Vodafone (LTE). IE: Vodafone (LTE), Eir (5G), H3G (LTE). IS: Nova (5G), Siminn (LTE). LI: Telecom Liechtenstein (LTE), Orange (LTE). LT: UAB Tele2 (LTE), Omnitel (LTE). LU: POST (LTE), Orange (5G). LV: Tele2 (5G), LMT GSM (LTE). MT: Epic (5G). ME: M.Tel (LTE), T-Mobile (LTE). NL: Vodafone (LTE), KPN Telecom (LTE). NO: N Telia (LTE), Telenor (LTE). PL: Orange (5G), Plus (LTE). PT: Optimus (LTE), Vodafone (LTE). RO: Vodafone (LTE), Orange Romania (5G). RS: VIP (LTE), Telenor (LTE). SK: Orange (LTE), Telefonica Slovakia, s.r.o (LTE). SI: Mobitel (LTE), A1 Slovenia (LTE). SE: Telenor (LTE), Telia (5G). UA: Vodafone (MTS) (LTE)
Product information
Country Europe
Rechargeable 1
Validity from purchase 30 Days
Amount 10 GB