Data eSIM - 1 GB - 7 Days - Latin America
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Data eSIM - 1 GB - 7 Days - Latin America

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MX: AT&T (LTE), Movistar (LTE). AR: Movistar (LTE). BZ: Belize Telecom Ltd. (3G). BO: VIVA (LTE). BR: VIVO (LTE). CL: Movistar (LTE). CO: Movistar (LTE). CR: Liberty (LTE). EC: Movistar (LTE). GT: Tigo (LTE). GF: Digicel (LTE). HN: Claro (LTE). NI: Movistar (LTE). PA: Movistar (LTE). PE: Movistar (LTE). PY: Telecel (LTE). SV: Movistar (LTE). UY: Abiatar (LTE). VE: Movistar (3G)
Product information
Country Latin America
Rechargeable 1
Validity from purchase 7 Days
Amount 1 GB