Terms & Conditions


Due to the better readability, we renounce the female form. All expressions apply to all genders.

The most important summary: You are at least 18 years old or have the consent of the legal guardian. Exchange/return/cancellation after order excluded.

1. scope of application

Our offer on is aimed at private and corporate customers based in Switzerland or Lichtenstein. By submitting an order on offerz.ch or via Offerz APP (iOS / Android), the buyer expressly accepts the General Terms and Conditions (GTC), which can be viewed publicly before the purchase. The customer additionally accepts the T&Cs of the content provider associated with the purchase of a product. The GTC's also apply to purchase contracts that are concluded outside of the internet platform/app. Separate conditions may apply to corporate customers.

2. prices & availability

The prices shown in the online store (offerz.ch) at the time of the order apply to all orders. They are in Swiss francs and include (if applicable) the current value added tax. Other discounts/surcharges of any kind will be displayed in the shopping cart prior to purchase. These are daily prices, there is no right to adjust orders in case of subsequent price changes. Prices and assortment are subject to change. All offers are subject to change as long as the delivery has not taken place. Erroneous information and "misprints" (e.g. on advertising material) reserved. All offers as long as stock or as long as available online. The availabilities as well as the assortment within the APP can deviate from those on offerz.ch.

3. delivery

Delivery is always made digitally. There is in no case a physical shipment. In the case of "own purchases", the corresponding digital products, which can be used or activated by means of download codes (numbers, letters, links), are displayed on the screen immediately after the purchase. Subject to security checks in accordance with Article 5. In any case, purchased products via voucher wallet are available to the customer for at least 2 years. The customer is responsible for viewing and saving the corresponding products (e.g. by download). Delivery by e-mail does not take place. Only information will be sent via e-mail that ordered products are available via voucher wallet. It is the responsibility of the customer to save & use the products in a timely and proper manner. The customer must report incorrectly delivered products within 24 hours, over-delivered products will be charged if the customer does not report it.

In the case of "gift purchases", the buyer will in no case have access to the purchased products. These will be made available to the recipient by means of a link.Please note the separate conditions for "gift purchases" here. The delivery of personal purchases can take place within 14 days, the product delivery times are decisive. Offerz is in no case responsible for incorrect or late delivery of gifts.

4. payment

The means of payment available to the customer will be indicated in the payment process. We reserve the right to exclude payment methods for certain customers, customer groups or individual products. Corresponding fees/discounts per means of payment will be shown during the selection process. Payments for pre-orderable products are to be made immediately. Payment will only be accepted upon delivery of the products. We reserve the right to check the origin and legitimacy of payments according to article 5 and to reject and reverse payments for a fee. Payments are processed via SSL. For payment with credit cards, a 3D-Secure function is required. For payment by invoice, SMS verification is required (subject to checks according to Art.5). For payments via bank transfer, the order reference must be provided, payments without any reference (e.g. no matching customer address) to an order may be rejected and refunded for a fee, unless the customer provides proof of payment.

4.1 Offerz Credit

Customers have the opportunity to use Offerz vouchers to transfer the credit on them to their customer account. This credit will be used to pay for orders until it is used up. If the credit is not sufficient, the remaining amount can be paid by an alternative payment method. A maximum credit of CHF 3'000 can be loaded per customer. Topped-up credit expires 24 months after the corresponding top-up and is deducted from the current credit balance if it has not been used in full. There is no entitlement to payment of the credit balance. We are entitled to offset outstanding balances against the credit balance. In case of a permanent account block, the credit will be forfeited without replacement. Fraud with Offerz vouchers/credits will result in immediate and permanent blocking of the customer. Offerz is not liable for misused credit in any case. Customers are obliged to use a secure password (at least 8 digits including special characters, numbers and letters) and to provide their smartphone with a biometric lock when loading credit.

5. security checks
Each order is checked by machine for criteria set by us immediately after payment and before its execution. If certain criteria apply, which may change from time to time, the order will be checked by us. In certain cases a security check is then necessary. We will check if the customer is the rightful owner of the means of payment, if there is no foreign use, if there is any other unacceptable data (false information etc.) or if the ordered products are to be used for illegal purposes (fraud, money laundering, extortion etc.). The Customer accepts that we may carry out security checks at any time and without prior notice - even after delivery of the Products. The customer accepts that he will provide us with what we consider to be necessary documents and information to verify his identity, means of payment and intended use of the products. These can be e.g. identification documents, photos of cards, screenshots, address documents, statements etc. (not exhaustive). Offerz will determine the necessary documents/information in each individual case. If the customer refuses the security check or does not respond within the set time limit or maximum 7 days from the order date, we will hold the order pending until the customer comes forward and proves the payment with the necessary documents and information, this may be a court decision if necessary. Persons authorizing payment to Offerz GmbH fully release us from the obligation to return the payment in case of fraud. Unauthorized initiated chargeback claims will be charged a fee that will either be offset against open/future orders or billed through legal action.
Offerz has the right to make a report to the necessary authorities without consulting the customer if there is a suspicion of money laundering, abuse, extortion or similar crimes. Offerz has the right to refuse deliveries if there is a suspicion that products are to be used for criminal acts (such as those mentioned above). Offerz reserves the right to refund amounts in such cases only upon presentation of confirmation of the report of such crime to the authorities. Fees can be found under point 10.  

6. exchange, return, cancellation

Once the order has been placed, neither cancellation, exchange, nor return of products is possible. The possibility of exchange only exists if no products have been delivered. Offerz has the possibility to cancel orders at its own discretion (e.g. violation of GTC's). In case the customer is responsible for the cancellation, a fee will be charged. Fees are shown under point 10.  For cancellations caused by offerz (e.g. no availability), offerz bears the costs. 

7. product data & special conditions

All products are subject to individual terms and conditions (GTC) of the respective content providers. The conditions are always visible before the purchase on the product page (usage information / description). With the order, the customer acknowledges having read them and accepts them in full. The customer is responsible for fulfilling the conditions (e.g. minimum age, available countries, etc.). The purchase of certain products may be subject to additional measures. For certain products, it is necessary to establish the identity by means of appropriate measures (SMS verification, age confirmation, signing certain documents & uploading ID; not exhaustive). Offerz is not liable for incorrectly ordered, unusable products, where the customer does not/can not fulfill the provider's conditions. In case of doubt, the customer must clarify this in advance. 

8. customer data

Within the scope of our activities, we collect complete customer data, which includes first name, last name, street, zip code, city, e-mail, phone number. We collect this data for security reasons. Advertising will be sent only digitally and only with prior consent (reserved Important Information). Each customer is obliged to provide correct data. Otherwise, we are not obliged to execute orders and may - if the customer does not accept the security check - withdraw from the order and charge a fee. The customer always has the right to correct the data before cancellation. It is allowed to offerz to share the data in cases of fraud with third parties such as authorities/police without informing the customer or asking for permission. We reserve the right to collect further data about customers, which are individually necessary for the execution of orders (see article 5).

9. data protection

The privacy policy is an integral part of these terms and conditions and can be found here.

10. fees

Cancellation of orders; 20% of the order value min. CHF 5 (1)
Other customer/order related expenses for fraud investigations: CHF 120/hour (1)
Unauthorized chargeback recoveries: CHF 20 per case
Reminder costs; CHF 15 per reminder from the first (2)
Collection fee: CHF 50 per case (2)
Interest: 5% from date of order (2)
Deposits at the post office counter: CHF 5 lump sum (to be added to the order amount) (3)

All claims can be offset against payments. In individual cases, offerz is free to reduce the fees or to waive them. Basically, the customer/payer is liable by his caused damage and not offerz or third parties.
The fees of group (1) are always charged with the amount to be refunded. (Fees arising from cancellation of orders on account via POWERPAY will be claimed by offerz GmbH, fees (2) applicable).

The fees of group (2) are applicable for invoices issued by Offerz GmbH.

(3) If the fee is not added to the payment by the customer, we are not obliged to execute the order.

Fees are charged only on the basis of orders placed. Fees are used to compensate damages from fraud & non-payment. Please read our guide on voucher fraud. If you are asked to send vouchers as payment for anything, do not order and send vouchers!

11. limitation of liability

Offerz disclaims all liability for the products delivered and sold to the extent permitted by law. We are not liable for any damages resulting from orders placed in good faith in the name of others and settled by third parties (e.g. with false reference information, deception or fraud). The data necessary for the transfer, give information about our payee. We are not liable for any damages resulting from the use of products by third parties. An exchange of products is only possible if it can be proved that the wrong product was delivered by us. 

12. further provisions

If one or more of these clauses is legally invalid, it will be replaced by a valid one that is close to its meaning. For advance payments there is no price guarantee as long as the payment does not arrive within 3 days from the order. It is not allowed to have more than one account per person. Deception and fraud may be reported to the police. Offerz is not obligated to refund fraudulent payments. Refunds of fraudulent payments will be made only on the basis of police charges against the fraudsters, if offerz agrees and the circumstances allow it, otherwise there must be a court judgment (in any case fees will be charged according to point 10). All product texts, product information, redemption information and terms of use are binding in German language only. For translation errors or non-sentence translations in French, English and Italian, we disclaim any liability and refer to the German original.

13. Jurisdiction

All relationships are subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Thun (BE).

These GTC's are valid until they are replaced. 

Blumenstein, August 2022


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