T&C Gifts

1. Special conditions

These conditions apply to all purchases, whereby a digital gift is created with the "give away" function. They're integrated to the current default GTC's.

2. Gift Orders

A Gift Order is any order (especially Product in the Order) which is created as a Gift. These products are specifically labeled. Not all products are eligible for gift purchase. Only those can be designed as a gift, where the corresponding button on the product page under the shopping cart button is evident.

3. Designer

The customer has the option to design certain products by means of a button on the product page in a gift designer. Here, if necessary, several product images are available, where the customer can select one. Furthermore, there is the possibility to choose a background for the gift (subject, color gradient, etc.). In each case, the displayed subjects, colors are available, which may differ depending on the product.

4. Own photo / video / message

The customer has the option instead of a product image to upload its own photo or video. The customer confirms with the upload to own the right to this image. The image must not have any of the following content; Sexual acts, Racist content, Criminal activities, Threats and other images that do not comply with the law. The customer accepts that he does not violate any applicable laws with this material. Should he nevertheless upload criminal content, offerz may take legal action if necessary. The customer accepts that this material will be stored for at least 2 months. DThe message can contain a maximum of 500 characters and must not contain any content that violates applicable laws.

5. Delivery

The Customer can choose from 3 delivery types:

  • E-Mail; The Customer enters the recipient e-mail address.
  • SMS; The customer enters the recipient phone number (Only CH mobile numbers allowed).
  • Link; The customer receives after the purchase a link that he can share and deliver to the recipient as desired.

The customer can also choose a max. 90 days in the future date for e-mail and SMS to send. The dispatch of e-mail and SMS takes place via Offerz on behalf of the customer. The recipient will be shown the stored first and last name of the orderer. 

With a link, the customer is responsible for whom he provides it. Whoever has access to the link can use the products that were given away.

Offerz is not responsible for late deliveries. The customer is responsible for incorrectly deposited recipient data (email/SMS). A reshipment is not possible. Upon request, the link can be provided to the customer once.

In case of delivery by e-mail/SMS, the recipient will also receive a link that he can open to retrieve the message/products.

6. Miscellaneous

It is possible to track whether the recipient has opened the link page. The link page is available for a maximum of 180 days. After that it becomes inactive. It can be reactivated once by customer service. The orderer has no access to the ordered products (exception via link in case of self-opening). The recipient has no access to the products after the deadline. It is recommended to download / use them immediately after receipt.

We assume no liability for incorrectly displayed upload material according to article 4. Offerz is in no case the author of a personalized gift regarding own photo/video and greeting message. In case of disregard of these GTC's or the standard GTC's, access to gift purchases may be blocked. The GTC's in German are authoritative.

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