Kaspersky Standard 5 devices 2 years download
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Kaspersky Standard 5 devices 2 years download

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Kaspersky Standard provides multi-device cybersecurity that keeps pace with your digital life. Threats to your devices, apps, and networks are effectively blocked with security features such as two-way firewall, phishing, and spyware protection. It also boosts the speed of your devices and includes standard privacy protections that secure your webcams, microphones, and video calls and block spy apps. The solution works on PCs, macOS, Android, and iOS.

- Antivirus protection detects and blocks common and complex threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, hacker attacks and fileless attacks in real time.
- "Safe Browser" feature protects you from dangerous websites, downloads and applications.
- Disaster recovery makes it easier for you to remove viruses or malware that have already infected your PC.
- Phishing protection prevents you from being directed to fraudulent websites by malicious URLs in emails, programs and browsers.
- Ransomware protection* prevents criminals from taking control of your computer and data and demanding money to release them.
- Firewall and network attack blockers protect your PC connections and fend off hacker attacks over the Internet or local network.

- Performance optimization tools keep your PC booting fast and running smoothly - for which it was originally designed.
- Clean-up-device-memory feature rids PCs of duplicate and unwanted files and Android devices of unwanted apps, helping to boost your system's performance.
- Gaming and Do Not Disturb modes** work automatically in the background so you can game, stream, and work without being disturbed with software updates or notifications.
- App management closes apps that might block your PC and reminds you to update apps so you're always running the fastest versions.

- Stalkerware detection* alerts you to apps installed on your devices without your knowledge to spy on your activities and location.
- Webcam and Microphone Protection*** lets you decide which programs can access your webcam and microphone, and blocks all others.