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Simply pay online with a 16-digit credit code. All easy and fast as well as anonymous!

What is paysafecard?
paysafecard is a so-called e-money, which you can use as payment at various online stores. You buy paysafecard from us and receive a 16-digit credit code, which you then enter in the payment process at the respective online stores.

How is paysafecard delivered?
You will receive a 16-digit paysafecard code immediately after your purchase, which will be active immediately.

My code is not accepted - what can I do?
Check that you have entered the code correctly and that there are no spaces. If necessary, switch off all VPNs and try it in the mobile and home network. In foreign countries there may be problems. If nothing helps, check the status of the code directly on the paysafecard page and contact paysafecard customer service.

How long are paysafecard codes valid?
The codes are valid indefinitely. Paysafecard charges a fee after 30 days of not using the code. More about this in your terms and conditions

Can I buy paysafecard on account?
No. paysafecard is equal to money and money cannot be bought or received on account - that would be a credit and is forbidden. paysafecards can be bought with TWINT, PostFinance Pay (former PostFinance Card & E-Finance), Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and JCB - also with foreign cards from Revolut, N26 etc.

Where can I use paysafecard everywhere?
paysafecards are mainly used at gambling and betting sites as well as casinos and gaming stores. Some well-known examples are Swisslos, 7melons, mycasino, StarVegas, Jackpots, Casino777, Bet365 and many more.