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Hotelcard-Voucher for 1 Year

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Hotelcard: Up to 50% discount on Swiss hotels
Fancy an affordable break? With the HotelCard, you can benefit from up to 50% discount at 500 selected hotels in and around Switzerland. You save an average of CHF 100 per overnight stay. This makes even a stay in a luxury hotel affordable and the cost of the HotelCard is usually recouped after the first booking!

Order your HotelCard now for CHF 99 and enjoy the best guaranteed hotel rates in Switzerland for a whole year!

How it works
  1. Open website www.hotelcard.ch/geschenk
  2. Insert personal voucher code (received from Offerz)
  3. Stay in over 500 hotels for up to 50% cheaper for one year

This is how you benefit
  • Stay 30-50% cheaper in more than 500 hotels
  • Very close: short trips in Switzerland and neighbouring countries
  • Top choice of wellness, mountain and city hotels
  • No hidden costs or constraints
  • Valuable insider travel & excursion tips
Product information
Amount CHF 99.-
Store hotelcard.ch
More Informations
Validty 10 Years
How to use
By activating the voucher code at www.hotelcard.ch/geschenk you will receive a hotel card for 1 year free of charge. Your membership expires afterwards without any obligations. You can renew the Hotelcard independently for another year at any time. We will contact you in time for a seamless renewal. This voucher cannot be used to renew an existing Hotelcard subscription.


1. Open website https://hotelcard.ch/geschenk
2. Insert personal voucher code (received from Offerz)
3. Stay for one year at over 500 hotels for up to 50% off