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Hotelcard-Voucher for 1 Year

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Hotelcard: The subscription with honest discounts
As a member, you can stay at more than 500 hotels in Switzerland and neighbouring regions for 30-50% less. Whether it's a wellness, mountain or city trip: from a 5-star boutique hotel to a medieval monastery, you'll find everything your travel heart desires. Discover the best hotels in Switzerlandand make a conscious decision to holiday nearby.

Order your Hotelcard now for CHF 99 and stay for a whole year at the guaranteed best hotel rates in Switzerland!

How it works
  1. Open website www.hotelcard.ch/geschenk
  2. Insert personal voucher code (received from Offerz)
  3. Stay in over 500 hotels for up to 50% cheaper for one year

This is how you benefit
  • Stay 30-50% cheaper in more than 500 hotels
  • Very close: short trips in Switzerland and neighbouring countries
  • Top choice of wellness, mountain and city hotels
  • No hidden costs or constraints
  • Valuable insider travel & excursion tips
Product information
Amount CHF 99.-
Store hotelcard.ch
More Informations
Validty 10 Years
How to use
By activating the voucher code at www.hotelcard.ch/geschenk you will receive a hotel card for 1 year free of charge. Your membership expires afterwards without any obligations. You can renew the Hotelcard independently for another year at any time. We will contact you in time for a seamless renewal. This voucher cannot be used to renew an existing Hotelcard subscription.


1. Open website https://hotelcard.ch/geschenk
2. Insert personal voucher code (received from Offerz)
3. Stay for one year at over 500 hotels for up to 50% off