offerz - This is new

Dear customer

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been busy giving offerz a new look.

Now we can finally present our new shop! What's new:

  • Logo: The logo has been renewed. We stayed true to the colour "Bondi blue". Newly, we show our focus on vouchers of all kinds with a voucher & gift loop.
  • Assortment: We have added over 10 new partners to the assortment, such as IKEA, JYSK, adidas and more. There have been changes in some product assortments.  
  • Design: The entire shop has been redesigned from scratch to create a super shopping experience. It is responsive and especially designed for mobile devices.
  • Gift function: Personalise each voucher with your personal photos/videos, a greeting message and your favourite colours or motifs and send it directly to the recipient.
  • Voucher Wallet: Now even clearer in the account with more functions. Redeem digital gift cards with barcode in the shop - simply "Scan" and show bar/QR code.

We look forward to adding many more partners soon. 

Your offerz Team