Apple Gift Card Promo

How does it work?

Just buy the Apple Gift Card & get the bonus coupon automatically! Do you already know offerz Plus? Participate before to earn bonus points!

From 21.11 - 27.11.2022 the following is valid:

  • CHF 10 or CHF 20 bonus Offerz Coupon Code when you buy an Apple Gift Card worth CHF 100 or CHF 200 (excl. variable product). This Offerz Coupon Code will be automatically added to your shopping cart when you add the two products to your cart. You can use the codes after shopping directly with us for the next purchase - but: only 1 coupon per purchase can be used and not redeemable on Apple Gift Card.

The bonus coupon codes are valid until 11/30/2022.


  • You buy 2 x 100 CHF Apple Gift Cards and get 2 x 10 CHF Offerz coupons for free.


  • The 10 or 20 CHF Coupon Code promotion is valid for you without limit. You can buy more than once.
  • The coupon codes you receive cannot be cumulated, are valid only once and can be redeemed once per purchase (on the entire product range excl. Apple Gift Card).

Enjoy your shopping!

Your Offerz Team